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Pain at the Pump: Travel and Leisure Names the World’s Highest Gas Prices

This blog post was updated on October 18, 2018.

While Americans continue to grapple with the pain of paying $4 for a gallon of gas, much of the world remains envious of our relatively “low” gas prices.


In fact, people who pay more than $150 to fill a standard 16-gallon tank might consider the United States’ average price per gallon of $3.96 to be quite a bargain.


To put things in perspective, Travel and Leisure recently set out to find the World’s 10 Highest Gas Prices.


Topping the last was Istanbul, Turkey where a gallon of gas will set you back $9.63 these days. Regional instability has led to a sharp rise in oil costs there as well as in Arimea, Eritrea, a price of $9.59 per gallon places it a close second.


High taxes are to blame for higher prices in eco-friendly cities like Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark. Residents in those cities pay $9.27 and $8.42 per gallon respectively, although costs are offset by the amount of public transportation available.


For the full list, head over to Travel and Leisure.

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