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Out of This World: Top Spots to See UFOs in the USA

This blog post was updated on September 5, 2018.

One great thing about the American road trip is the ability to make it as kooky and quirky as you want.  Let’s face it:  America is home to plenty of quirky things, like big roadside attractions and the Jell-O Museum. And you better believe that UFO fanatics can get their fill as well.

From supposed UFO crash sites to museums to roadside restaurants, this list of UFO-inspired destinations can make for the perfect family road trip.

Roswell, New Mexico: In 1947, the residents of Roswell, New Mexico saw a crash that stirred up conspiracy theories like you wouldn’t believe.  What some believed to be the crash of a UFO spacecraft, others said was the remnants of a weather balloon.

Decades later, the legend lives on. Roswell is now the home of the International UFO Museum and Research Center, making it the perfect road trip destination for alien fanatics in America.

Los Angeles, California: According to the UFO hotspots map provided in Popular Mechanics, Los Angeles is one of cities in the United States with the highest rate of sightings.  Not only can you visit the land of movie stars, go on fun bus tours, hang out at beaches and club it up in Hollywood, but you can also have the chance to spot a UFO of your own. For travelers boarding flights to Los Angeles, the truth is certainly out there.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Dells is a veritable wonderland for family fun, and that fun keeps going with a visit to the American UFO Sci-Fi Museum.  The museum covers all areas of UFO and aliens from historical events involving UFO’s to the lives of fictitious alien characters in certain movies and TV shows.

Burlington, Wisconsin: Burlington can certainly be considered a unique place in Wisconsin thanks to the owners of the Sci Fi Cafe.  It is here that you are invited to indulge in their food specialties like Chicago style hot dogs while swapping stories of the uknown with owners and passersby.  The owner of the cafe, Mary Sutherland, will share stories of the Burlington area and take visitors on guided tours. There is even an annual Burlington Vortex Conference that focuses on aliens, crop circles, ghosts and so much more.

Rachel, Nevada: Rachel, Nevada is the small town that is closest to Area 51 – a government facility where countless conspiracies involving alien life and UFOs persist.  The highway leading to the facility has been dubbed the “Extraterrestrial Highway”, and that could be reason enough to make the road trip. Just 150 miles from Sin City, it’s one of the more appealing day trips from Las Vegas for UFO enthusiasts.


CC Flickr photo credit: Gregory Veen


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