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New Gyms for Westin Hotels

This blog post was updated on October 18, 2018.

Westin hotels worldwide have announced a $37 million renovation of each of the chain’s fitness centers. All 186 global locations will be participating.


According to an article in USA Today, Westin concluded that guests are looking for a “a more well-rounded, holistic fitness experience.”


In the past, a well-equipped hotel gym was a room filled with every kind of machine or workout equipment imaginable.


Now, guests are interested in more space, for natural workouts like yoga.


With over 50% of hotel reviewers reporting online that the treadmill is the first requirement they look for in hotel gyms, the popular machine will remain, with new, updated machines being installed as each hotel takes on its particular renovation.


Westin will be clearing out infrequently used equipment, installing energy-efficient blue lights and giving the fitness centers a more natural look overall. The changes are to accommodate guests who are, in waves of recent trends, becoming increasingly involved in workouts that keep them healthy and fit.


What do you look for in a hotel gym? The right equipment, or a relaxed ambiance for a more “holistic” experience?


Source: USA Today

Flickr Photo Credit: infomatique

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