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Six of the Most Romantic Places in Italy

Couple sitting on bench, enjoying view of beach town of Cefalu in Sicily, Italy
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on June 23, 2020.

Say the word “Italy” and it immediately conjures up images of lazy, hot summers, chic villas, and succulent food. We’ve long lamented at the tragedy of Verona’s star-crossed lovers and our love affair with the country has thus been sealed. So how do you choose just one place to explore with your significant other? Never fear. Here are six of the most romantic places in Italy to celebrate love.

Pienza, Tuscany

the perfect place for a cheap destination wedding in italy - Pienza, Tuscany

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Orcia Valley is home to some of the finest Renaissance buildings in Italy. However, what makes this village perfect for romantics is that it was one of the locations of the ultimate love story — Romeo and Juliet. Franco Zeffirelli’s 1960s movie was shot on location at the Piccolomini Palace and many of the surrounding lanes are also featured in it. The palace boasts three stories, an internal court, and the most spectacular Renaissance garden. Other noteworthy buildings in the village include The Duomo, Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Comunale, and the Sant’Anna Institute in Camprena. You’ll get blissfully lost in the labyrinth of narrow lanes as you stroll in adoration of Pienza’s beautiful architecture.

Chianti, Tuscany

one of the most romantic places in italy - Chianti, Italy

Chianti is THE picture-perfect location of Tuscany. Endless vineyards and cozy farmhouses make it ideal for romantic getaways. Enjoy the absolute hospitality of Tuscany with the best beef ragu in the entire universe served with homemade penne and lashings of Parmesan from the farms. Taste the wines from Chianti’s vineyards as you explore the lush hillsides.

If you’re short on time, you can take a half-day tour for around 5-6 hours, which usually involves stopping at two wineries and dining in a scenic Tuscan farmhouse for lunch. You can sample delicious wines such as Sangiovese and see how it’s made while still getting back in time for dinner. If you still have time, take a local cookery class for two in a farmhouse — it’s the ultimate foodie couple’s dream!

For a full-day tour experience (which is typically around 10-12 hours), you may also get to see and learn about the history of the charming local towns. You may also get to try other fresh Tuscan delicacies like cheese, salami, and olive oil. Additionally, you’ll likely have some free time for shopping, so definitely bring some cash with you to bring back some Tuscan souvenirs.

Lake Iseo, Lombardy

a picturesque place for a cheap romantic getaway in italy - Lake Iseo, Lombardy

Lake Iseo in Lombardy, northern Italy, is lesser known than its more popular neighbors, Lakes Garda and Como. This small lake is sheltered by mountains while an inhabited island, Monte Isola, sits in the middle. It’s worth it to book flights to Italy in the autumn when the wooded hillsides are shades of gold, red, and brown, and join the locals gathering chestnuts and mushrooms. Stroll the small vineyards and olive groves on the island’s slopes. Take a ferry to Monte Isola, which is spread over eleven villages and hamlets. Visit churches built between the 15th and 17th centuries with well-preserved frescoes. Looking for heaven on earth? This could just be it.

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Alassio, Liguria

Alassio, Italy

This town on the Ligurian coast, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, has steep mountains and beautiful beaches and is an unspoiled seaside getaway for wild romantic travelers. Alassio is also known as the town of sunshine because of its Mediterranean-style houses and its location at the foot of two capes: Capo Mele and Santa Croce. Seal your romance with the local specialty Baci di Alassio (Alassio Kisses) — two dark hazelnut macarons held together inseparably by a chocolate ganache.

Amalfi Coast

A couple at the Amalfi Coast, italy

This coastal stretch in southern Italy with its quaint houses, winding staircases, and narrow alleys has captured the awe of popular culture and eternal romantics for decades. It’s famous for limoncello liqueur and quintessential Italian lemon groves with their fruit-laden trees that grow along the entire 50-km coast during February and October. Enjoy sheer cliffs and Amalfi’s rugged shoreline dotted with sandy beaches against pastel-colored villages. Take an open-top drive down the coastal road between the port city of Salerno and clifftop Sorrento as you wind your way past breathtaking villas, vineyards, and cliffside lemon groves.

Cinque Terre

a couple walking on the beach at Cinque Terra

Five coastal villages linked only by paths and railways make Cinque Terre a perfect hideaway for two. The natural trails are made for relaxed walks and the scenery is astounding. This stretch of coast has allegedly remained unchanged since 1722. Walk through medieval villages, cobblestone lanes, and train tunnels that are no longer in use. Thanks to its limited accessibility, you and your sweetheart can experience a romantic authenticity that can’t be felt elsewhere.

Are there other romantic spots in Italy that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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