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Mayor of London Joins Call for New Airport

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2018.

Passengers stream through London's Heathrow Airport (Image: Wikimedia)

London Mayor Boris Johnson has joined the call for a new airport to be built in southeast England in the wake of a recent report which showed that Heathrow is losing travelers to other European hubs.


The report, overseen by Transport for London’s deputy chairman Daniel Moylan, highlighted the immense struggles Heathrow is facing.


According the report, Heathrow handles nearly 75,000 more passengers each day than it was intended to upon opening.


The airport has also slipped to seventh in terms of destinations serviced by other international airports across the globe, down from second in 1990.


Passengers traveling through Heathrow today can access only 157 direct destinations, compared to Frankfurt’s 235.


Johnson urged lawmakers to consider the construction of a new airport Tuesday, saying, “The capital’s airports are full, our runways are rammed and we risk losing jobs to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid or other European cities should we fail to act.”


Source: Reuters

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