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Las Vegas File: Chaun Thomas

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2018.

It was just another day at the gym for Arlington, Texas-native Chaun Thomas. Then, when a gym receptionist mentioned an upcoming audition for The Chippendales, he made the decision that would change his life – to give it a go at the try-outs. The wildly popular and iconic Chippendales male review at the Rio All-Suites Hotel cast him a week later.
That was nearly seven years ago.

Now, Thomas delights the ladies nightly with playful and sexy performances. Aside from the Las Vegas show, he’s also traveled with the show to Europe.

OneTravel: What brought you to Las Vegas?
Chaun Thomas: Initially it was the excitement brought me to Las Vegas. Texas, my previous stomping grounds, is flat everywhere so the mountainous backdrop had a major part in me liking Vegas too.

OneTravel: How has your life changed since you joined Chippendales?

Thomas: I’ve been with Chippendales almost seven years which is a substantial amount of time in my life. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience such foreign places as visiting 20 to 25 countries in Europe and also being with the show sort of perpetuates the good qualities of anyone who works for them like smiling a lot, being very friendly and social, and always being in a good mood.

OneTravel: You practice yoga. Where are some great places in Las Vegas to find some zen?
Thomas: My favorite yoga thus far is Bikram Yoga which is hot yoga practiced in a room heated to about 105 degrees, and you execute 26 postures within an hour and a half class time. There’s a Hualipai location in Summerlin, a location on Washington and Buffalo, and a new location just off the 215 and Decatur or Jones. If I don’t feel like doing yoga in a studio with others I simply do it at home or head to Red Rock National Park to calm my nerves

OneTravel: What is your favorite spot to hang out on The Strip?

Thomas: I like shopping when I occasionally go to The Strip, so Caesars Forum Shops is the place I like to visit.

OneTravel: Obviously, you have to stay really healthy for your job. What’s your go-to spot for dining?

Thomas: I like Sashimi and seared Ahi Tuna when I eat out so Kona Grill in Summerlin is a great spot to dine or Sambalatte next door for healthy teas, coffee, or even for a late afternoon lunch.

OneTravel: When you have visitors, what’s the first thing you do with them?
Thomas: When I have visitors the first place I take them is to do the 13-mile drive loop through Red Rock Canyon, to Lake Mead, or to the Hoover Dam. Most people miss other beautiful attractions from being chained to The Strip their entire stay.

OneTravel: You like to give and receive massages. If you could work at a spa in town, which would it be? Why?

Thomas: Indeed massages are what I love to give and receive. The spa of choice would be Imperial Spa. It’s a spa that stands true to the real meaning of the acronym “Sanus Pur Aquam,” which means “health through water.” They have cold baths, hot tubs, steam rooms, various pools and saunas, along with traditional massage therapies.

OneTravel: Do you ever make it out to see other shows in town? If so, what is your favorite (other than Chippendales)?
Thomas: I like to see Cirque Du Soleil shows. I actually don’t have a favorite because I’m impressed with all of them but the one that I’ve seen more than others would be KA by Cirque at the MGM Grand.

OneTravel: What’s your favorite Off-Strip haunt?

Thomas: Im always at the gym, but even more-so I’m usually enjoying the comfort of my home with a book in hand — more than likely reading something related to health

OneTravel: I love Las Vegas because __________________
Thomas: … our lack of water, the fish always comes in fresh!
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