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LA’s Peterson Automotive Museum to Receive $100M Donation from Founder’s Wife

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

The widow of one of the automotive industry’s biggest names will donate a staggering $100 million to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


Margie Petersen announced the donation to her late husband’s beloved institution on Tuesday.


While the donation does include an unrestricted financial gift, it is not completely cash-driven.


The $100 million includes a matching donation challenge, the building which houses the museum, and Robert Peterson’s private car collection.


Robert Peterson was the man behind several magazines that helped shape America’s burgeoning car culture, including Hot Rod and Motor Trend. The museum, which first opened in 1994, currently welcomes about 150,000 visitors each year.


Source: AP

Flickr: el DVD

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