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Keep Calm and Carry-On: Three Tools to Have to Make Carry-On Baggage Easier

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

I’m sitting in the gate, worried about my carry-on bag. It looks as though it will make the flight, but it is the lifting into the overhead bin that scares me. Getting my carry-on bag onto the plane is more like weight training each and every flight. Packing that carry-on is a test in just how many items will get left behind for space just won’t allow. If you want to avoid checked baggage fees and you want to have your bag right when you land, packing a carry-on bag is often your only option. However, traveling with a carry-on bag is a whole different story. The traveler must think about the weight of the bag, the weight of the bag’s contents and just how to make the most out of the little space that you have. In order to make traveling with carry-on baggage easier, you might want to seek out these three tools to help lighten the load of a carry-on bag.

A Luggage Scale: If you are traveling on a budget airline or airlines that charge you more if your carry-on bag weighs over a certain limit, you will need a luggage scale. Luggage scales are found at travel stores and most luggage outlets. With a luggage scale, you can be certain that your carry-on bag isn’t over the weigh limit, especially as you travel and add more items to your luggage. Even if your airline doesn’t have a weight limit on carry-on bags, a luggage scale can make carry-on luggage less of a pain. Sometimes if you know just how much you are carrying, you might be more inclined to lighten your load to make those lifts into the overhead bins a little easier on the back.

Packing Cubes/Compression Bags: The size of a carry-on bag doesn’t always leave room for the whole closet. Rather, most travelers just pair down their luggage to a few items and hit the road. However, some trips call for more clothing. In order to maximize your carry-on space, you can’t merely just throw your clothes in the bag. You need to either compress the air out of your clothes and luggage with compression bags or utilize packing cubes to carry all that you need in a carry-on bag.

An Advertised Lightweight Bag:
While you can monitor the weight of your carry-on bag with a scale, some bags are merely not made to be carry-on luggage. If your suitcase doesn’t brag about being lightweight, it probably weighs a considerable amount. When you shop for a suitcase, you need to pay attention to its weight. If a bag is heavy empty, it will be impossible to maneuver on to a plane when it is full. These heavy bags are not going to make the carry-on process easier on the traveler.

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