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Jimmy Buffet Creates Free Tropical Paradise

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

For those who can’t escape the cold this winter, singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet has helped launch an alternative to Margaritaville.

The popular 1977 song “Margaritaville” eventually become a chain of Margaritaville restaurants, open in the United States and Mexico, in the 1980s. Now, the legend continues on, having been translated into “The Margaritaville Online game.”

Facets of the game include creating an online character that completes tasks like “shooting pirates in their privates with a slingshot” and “helping clean up hurricane damage on a beach.” It really presents a wide range of tropic activities – from those seen in popular fantasy movies to the reality of natural disasters in hurricane-prone areas of the south.

Buffet, who contributed to the creation of the game, commented that “The Margaritaville laid-back state of mind is inherently social, and this game has captured the spirit of that lifestyle. With Margaritaville Online, fans across the globe can party together any time and any place.”

With a version compatible with Apple’s iPad, people everywhere are sure to be traversing tropical 3-D islands this winter, with the added bonus of listening to “Margaritaville” and other Buffet hits for hours and hours.

According to a USA Today article, a publisher commented that “the point of the game is to let fans participate in an online tropical paradise.”

In the dead of winter, a tropical paradise for free is something that most people wouldn’t argue.


Source: USA Today

Flickr Photo Credit: dalvenjah

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