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Ilona And Derek Take The World Part 4 – How To Get To LA During The Winter Storms

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

Ilona And Derek Take The World Part 4 - How To Get To LA During The Winter Storms

Three months later it was time for another date. Unfortunately, when two people live on different continents, they cannot see each other as often as they’d like. It was Christmas, so Derek and his family were spending the holidays in Los Angeles. I had never been to LA before, and Derek bribed me with a ticket from LA to Hawaii. How could I resist that?

So I bought a ticket for my 24 hour flight from Krakow to LAX. Unfortunately, my flight from Krakow to Prague was delayed and delayed and delayed as a result of a snow storm. From Prague, I had to take a flight to New York followed by a flight to Los Angeles. Nice beginning to the vacation, right? Luckily, at the airport, I meet a couple who had to take the same flight; Krakow –> Prague –> New York. They decided to drive by car to Prague and they were kind enough to take me with them. We had 5 hours to get there before the plane to New York took off. It’s over 300 miles off highways and in winter conditions, so it was a challenge. The driver, Bartek, had one rule – no stops, not even for the restroom. He proved to be an excellent driver so we made it right before the gate closed.

We were lucky enough to be on time and get our plane from Prague to New York, and also lucky enough to leave NY just before JFK airport was closed due to heavy snow fall.  After 24 hours and all those transfers I finally landed at Los Angeles airports.

Even though I was jet lag and spent whole night partying with my friends, I woke up early to see some of themain attractions. Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the US, after New York. Did you know that California is the 3rd largest state by area, (can you name first two?)  Unfortunately, I had just one day in this gorgeous state so I had to focus on the most famous attractions.

How can you be in LA and not see the Hollywood sign? You can hike to the sign but it’s better to capture it from the distance because of its size. I’ve heard that the best view is from a Hollywood and Highland mall but because I love Lynch’s movies I wanted to do it from Mulholland Drive.

I love movies and my favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn. Naturally, I had to find her star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Unfortunately, there were so many people there and over 2500 stars so I wasn’t able to find it. But it’s not the end of famous places to see; I grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210 so of course I drove there as well.  It’s difficult to recognize noteworthy places after so many years but Rodeo Drive seemed to be the same.  Luxury stores, expensive cars and famous people all around. Even if you don’t have the money to spend, you can enjoy some window shopping.

Rodeo Drive runs to Santa Monica Blvd, and into Santa Monica. I must admit it was the perfect place to end my trip to Los Angeles.  After a great dinner we relaxed watching the beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean beach. The next day, a new adventure was waiting for us. We were flying to Hawaii.

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