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Huh?! Study: Los Angeles Tops NYC Metro in Access to Public Transportation

This blog post was updated on July 26, 2021.

A surprising new study suggests that Los Angeles beats out all other major metropolitan areas in the US (even the New York City Metro area) when it comes to access to public transportation.


According to the Brookings Institution report, 99.1 percent of carless households in Los Angeles have access to public transportation. That number narrowly beats out the New York metropolitan area, where 98.7 percent of carless households have ready access to buses, trains, and subways.


The study’s author was unsurprised by the somewhat surprising findings, noting that despite LA’s notorious car culture, the city also boasts a sweeping bus system that reaches into every part of the metro area.


Despite the apparent ready access in LA, most still struggle with a long commute. According to the study, only 36 percent of zero-vehicle households in LA can get to their place of employment in 90 minutes or less, a number the New York City area easily trumps.


Source: Huffington Post

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