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How To Start Saving For Your Spring Break

This blog post was updated on January 3, 2020.

With the holidays behind us, we are looking forward to the next vacation. If you are dreaming of beach cabanas and frozen cocktails this January, you are probably ready for spring break. However your wallet might not be as mentally and physically prepared to take on a spring break trip. It is never too early to start figuring out how to afford your spring break this season. Here are ways to start saving for your trip so there is a bit of wiggle room in those swim trunks.

For Hotels, Book Rooms With Kitchens: Hotels can be expensive for spring break. And in most cases, if you don’t book far in advance or secure a vacation rental instead, the hotel rate can be a budget breaker. However if you have spent a great deal on your room rate, you might as well save on food costs. Many budget friendly hotels either have half kitchens or at least a refrigerator and a microwave. These can come in handy for breakfasts and lunches throughout a spring break trip so that you don’t find yourself eating out for three meals a day.

For More Bang-For-Your Buck Attractions, Visit a National Park: In the United States, the National Parks make for a budget-saving spring break itinerary. Generally you can enter these parks for a one car fee or just a general admission. Once you are within these majestic spaces, you will find low priced accommodations like campgrounds and cabins. It might not be the beach resort that you always think of for spring break, but national parks can be perfect spring destinations for those looking to spend very little and yet have a wondrous natural setting to explore.

For Flight Searching, Select Flexible Travel Dates
: After doing a search of spring break flights for myself, I found that airfare is rising for late March and most of April. Scoring a deal will be hard to do if you aren’t flexible. When you do your flight search, select the flexible travel dates option. The results will be able to show you which days around when you want to fly yield the best deals. For spring break flight deals, it is important to be flexible around the best airfare and not so much about what dates you had in mind. If you are willing to give in a day or two, you might save a nice chunk of change.

For Road Savings, Go Where the Gas is Cheap: There are certain areas of the United States that always have high prices at the fuel pump, locations like California and the East Coast. If you are planning out where to go this spring break and want to go by car, consider traveling where the gas is cheap. Different websites like GasBuddy can show you a map of the United States color-coded by the gas prices so that you know where to go for the cheapest price at the pump.


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