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Spending Thanksgiving Abroad? Have a Blast Anyway!

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on October 31, 2022.

Being in the midst of the Mediterranean or experiencing the culture of Japan in November should clearly be more of a joy than a letdown. However, for some Americans, being away from the USA for the holidays can be detrimental to enjoying their exciting trip.

Of course, you shouldn’t worry at all…there are plenty of ways of bringing your own Thanksgiving to wherever you are in the world. So be sure to pack your pilgrim hat and to search for a good place to get a delicious turkey as soon as you land, because you’re about to learn how to nail Thanksgiving abroad like a pro!

Plan a Feast with Anyone You Know

Already made friends at your destination? Maybe some expats who already miss home? Well, why not start planning your own Thanksgiving feast? Get everyone to contribute to make it even more engaging and personal. Sure, being new in a new place can be daunting. However, if you make the effort to gather some friendly foreigners and teach the locals your holiday ways, you can give thanks anywhere in the world! Just extend the invitation and let the gratefulness flow!

Try Your Hand at Cooking!

Once the meal has been planned, cooking in a foreign country can give you great insight into new customs and ways. Shopping abroad provides opportunities for cultural exchanges as you deal with vendors and figure out how much that turkey actually costs. The first rule of wannabe cooks…don’t be afraid! Experiment as much as you and try to make it happen, even if the kitchen is definitely not your place. Everybody will have a good time one way or the other!

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Respect Your Traditions

Whether you’re at home or abroad , Thanksgiving will always mean home. So honor your traditions. If you’re used to watching a certain movie, decorating, or playing a game with loved ones, try and simulate those same customs with new friends and old. It will make the day feel more normal, even if you are half way around the world. Rest assured, some people will say you should embrace where you are instead. And that’s a good point, but…there’s nothing wrong about embracing your ways for just one day, right?

Make the Most of It

Standing with a mix of people from different nationalities chatting over turkey can generate a strange and amazing feeling of being at home if you just let go and enjoy the moment! So, no matter whether you spend Thanksgiving in Europe, Africa, or somewhere else, always try to the most of the holiday. For starters, it may be a key cultural opportunity to mix two groups into one to create a memorable Thanksgiving. Watching another culture embrace yours in the middle of their land will lend you the powerful connections you can only find when exploring what the world has to offer!

Have you ever found yourself out of the country for Thanksgiving? Let’s us know about your experience in the comments below! 

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