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Hotel Havoc! Annoying Characters You Meet At Hotels

This blog post was updated on October 12, 2018.

I wake to banging doors and loud conversation. I step out into the hallway and it appears Hansel and Gretel were here as a path of Cheerios leads to the loud room in question. I walk into the elevator and what do we have here? Sopping wet teens in their swim trucks and no shoes create a slippery mess for the next elevator occupant. I wander down to the hotel lobby and it appears a group has decided to take over the space for an in-hotel party. I squeeze past one of the partygoers to grab a cup of coffee included in my room rate and receive several glances like I just crashed the party uninvited. I’m dealing with all of those annoying people you meet in a hotel.

Travel can bring out annoyances in people we never knew we had. Usually these folks are confined to the airport, but they travel outside of those terminals. In hopes of reversing bad behavior in hotels, here are just a few of those annoying people you meet in hotel.

The Children Without Parents and Boundaries: I know as a kid there was nothing more exciting than staying in a hotel. However I do remember as a child my mom repeatedly telling my brothers and sisters and I to use our “hotel voices.” We weren’t running up and down the halls slamming doors, treating the hotel like it was our house. Some parents don’t always agree, making the hotel experience one where their kids can run wild, disturbing other guests like they just don’t care. Please parents and children if you’re reading, remember the hotel isn’t your house.

The Amorous Couple:
It’s great you really love or lust each other, but I don’t need to hear about it like I am in the room with you. If you are booking a romantic weekend away with your sweetheart, you might want to look for soundproofing listed in the hotel description box.

The Unfriendly Hotel Concierge:
Isn’t it your job to be friendly and hospitable? I don’t know how many hotels I have walked up to the desk with a smile and a hello and received a blank stare back from the hotel concierge. Hotels, please don’t hire unfriendly people to be the first people to “greet” customers. Nothing makes me want to take my business elsewhere than a hotel desk clerk who greets me with a frown and an attitude.

The Territorial Hotel Lobbyist: Some people need to be reminded that the hotel lobby is a public space for guests. We all forked over a small portion of our room rate to enjoy the comfy couches, Wi-Fi or complimentary coffee. This is not a space for your own makeshift parties or family reunion gatherings. A hotel lobby should be just that, a place for guests to gather, not a slap-dash party where any guest with the hotel is meet with hairy-eyeballs to even dare entering the space.

The Stomper:
You probably don’t know who you are, but those of us who aren’t stompers do. You walk around your hotel room as if you are an elephant in search of a peanut. The whole room shakes when you walk, creating a domino effect to the room below you. You’ll probably never change your ways but perhaps think twice about stomping around your hotel. The people below you are awake and worried the ceiling is about to cave in on them in their pajamas.

Have you encountered one of these annoying characters at a hotel? Do you have any other characters to add to the rant list?

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