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Governments Begin Evacuation Efforts for Travelers in Egypt

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

As Egypt continues to descend into chaos, many world governments are stepping up efforts to get their citizens out of harm’s way.


The US State Department issued a travel warning on Sunday recommending Americans avoid any non-essential travel to the embattled country in the Mideast.


On Monday it began the voluntary evacuation of citizens and non-emergency workers.


Those who request assistance can be set up with chartered flights to safe zones in Europe.


Many private travel insurance companies are also reaching out to help, offering to assist American students studying in Egypt to get back home safely.


Many students had just begun a new semester abroad when the violence and protests broke out. Until they secure a flight home, Americans in Egypt are being urged to stay indoors and away from protest sites whenever possible.They are also being asked to monitor radio broadcasts for the latest information on charters.


While Cairo’s airport is still functional, the unrest is impeding supplies and staff from getting to the airport on time. As a result, many flights out of the country are being delayed by up to 12 hours.


Source: LA Times

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