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Golf Digest Ranks the Top Cities for Golf in the US

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

Golf Digest recently released a list of the top cities for golf in the United States.


The rankings looked at a variety climate (average temperature/average number of playable days); cost (average green fees); amount of public courses; quality of courses (reader-rated); and accessibility. The magazine’s rankings tended to favor public courses of private courses.


Topping the list for best golf cities was Dallas-Fort Worth which was noted for having both a favorable climate and highly rated public courses. Finishing second was Pittsburgh which suffered because its cold winter temperatures.


Third was Cincinnati, OH which benefitted from a plethora of public courses in nearby Kentucky. Los Angeles, California and Tampa, Florida split the number four spot ahead of Seattle, WA and Orlando, FL which tied at number 6.


Source: Bizjournals

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