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Golden Globe Worthy Destinations To Visit

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

Venice, Italy served as the backdrop for The Tourist (Image: Wikimedia)
The setting for any film is a character unto itself, aiding the actors and actresses in telling the overall story.


While you won’t find speeches that thank the setting everyday, these places deserve some standing ovations, applause and maybe even a visit.


As Hollywood gears up for award season, the Golden Globes are often an indicator as to who will win the Academy Award.


While those nominations won’t be revealed until January 25th, many turn to the Golden Globe winners for clues in the meantime.

If award season is of little interest to the common traveler, we can all take a few notes from some of the nominated films as to where to head around the globe next.


Perhaps these destinations will win you over even more than the films did. The film is, after all, nothing without the setting.

London, England, The King’s Speech—Colin Firth just took home a Golden Globe for his portrayal of King George VI. Apart from showcasing one of England’s most interesting royal family stories, the film presents London, England and its surrounding countryside as inspiration for a regal trip abroad. The King’s Speech isn’t the only one luring visitors to Buckingham Palace. The upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is helping with Britain’s tourism. From palaces to museums, iconic red phone booths to funny lingo, London has much to offer every type of traveler.

New York City, Black Swan—Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for her role in Black Swan. The film is set in New York City, and as it should be, on a stage. Visitors can catch a ballet or Broadway show in New York City this year, but hopefully without having a run in with a ballerina similar to those portrayed in the film. New York City is a metropolis of performance just waiting to be seen around every corner.

Bay Area, California, The Social Network—The Social Network tells the story of the founding of Facebook. While part of the movie is set at Harvard University where it all began, the enemies really start coming into Mark Zuckerburg’s picture when he makes the big company move to California. From San Francisco to Palo Alto, travelers can appreciate where not just Facebook, but also many other key players in today’s world developed including Google. The Bay Area presents the ocean, mountains, glittering cities, and vineyards all wrapped up into one vacation.

Venice, Italy, The Tourist—Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are just two out of three of the leading stars in The Tourist. The city of Venice lays the scene, making for another aspect to stare at besides Johnny Depp. The city of canals may be covered in tourists in summer but a trip in the low season proves peaceful enough to appreciate Saint Mark’s Square and those singing gondoliers.

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