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Four Postcard Worthy Attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

With snow peppered mountains enjoying the scene, the city lights reflect off of the glassy surface of Lack Lucerne. This is Lucerne, where the city, lake and mountains all converge into one pretty picture. Due to its location in central Switzerland and its medieval heart and soul, Lucerne is no stranger to visitors. Those in search of a postcard-worthy day or weekend trip from neighboring Zurich will uncover plenty of attractions in this small space. From the most visited museum in all of Switzerland to the colorful frescoed facades on historic structures, Lucerne packs in the sights to give even the big cities a run for their Swiss franc.

Stroll Lucerne’s Covered Bridges: Part of the reason Lucerne can make anyone a photographer comes through it covered bridges. The town’s landmark lies at Chapel Bridge. Constructed in the first half of the 14th century, the bridge bears painted panels that illustrate Swiss and local history. These masterpieces were added in the 17th century. The covered aspect to the Chapel Bridge provides a nice place to wait out in the rain in Lucerne. The city has another covered bridge called Spreuer Bridge. Completed in 1408, the bridge also decorates with paintings. These works represent the Dance of Death by Kaspar Meglinger. They were created from 1626 to 1635.

Release Your Inner Child at the Swiss Museum of Transport: Tucked away in Lucerne, you will find the most visited museum in Switzerland. The Swiss Museum of Transport provides a window into the world of transportation, mobility and communication. In a hands-on manner, you can explore road, rail, water, air and space travel. The museum features over 3,000 objects to peruse, along with multimedia shops and interactive exhibits like walking on an aerial map of Switzerland, playing the role of weather forecaster or experiencing a car crash firsthand.

Face the Facades of Lucerne’s Old Town: Adding to the fairytale picture that is Lucerne, travelers will stumble upon several buildings adorned in colorful facades. Some have been beautifully restored to tell the story of the resident’s traditions, celebrations or even professions. They are in essence the layers of Lucerne. Some of the best places to face the frescoed facades of Lucerne come through the old city squares such as Weinmarkt and Kornmarkt.

Grab a Drink and Dinner With a View at Art Hotel Montana: Elevated above Lucerne, Art Deco Hotel Montana appreciates its position for the views alone. The art deco style hotel sits on the hillside, gazing out on the city and the bay of Lake Lucerne. If you can’t stay the night at this over 100 year old property, travelers should at least make the trip up the shortest funicular railway in Europe from the lake promenade to the hotel lobby. Once you arrive, you can grab a drink at the Louis Bar or a meal at the Scala Restaurant. Both offer masterful views for the price of dinner or a drink. Louis Bar boasts over 130 single malt whiskeys.


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Photo: Suzy Guese

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