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Four Packing Tips for Baseball’s Spring Training

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

It is the crack of the bat, the sound of a baseball hitting leather and the scent of peanuts and Cracker Jack that bring the baseball hungry down to Arizona and Florida for spring training. If you are like me, you can’t wait for baseball season to start right after it ends. And if you are like me, you simply can’t wait for opening day and prefer to head down to Arizona or Florida for some early hope and promise of a new season. Packing for spring training however is a whole different ball game. While many travelers head south with just shades and a swimsuit, you will want to rethink those ideas for a homerun in the packing department.

Begin by checking the weather: While it might seem like spring training is the perfect chance for a taste of the early spring and summer sun in Florida and Arizona, the weather can actually be quite bitterly cold. You have to keep in mind that is it still February and March in these parts of the United States. Look up average temperatures and the weather report for your stay before you begin packing. A common problem with spring training packing is that many pack for the weather they want, not how the weather will actually be.

Build layers around the basics: While the weather can be sunshine and roses for spring training in either Arizona or Florida, it can also be cold. The best way to approach packing for such an occasion is to build layers around the basics. As long as you have ample jackets, long sleeve T-shirts and the like to build on top of those tank tops, the cold or heat shouldn’t be an issue.

Factor in sun protection even with varying temperatures: Spring training for many is almost like a pre-spring break. It can be a chance to get some sun and watch great baseball in the process. Even if the temperatures don’t dictate heat, you should still plan for the sun. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are necessary in these outdoor settings toward keeping healthy and away from that pre-spring break sunburn.

Pack Fan Gear To Be Signed: Packing doesn’t merely boil down to clothes and shoes. If you are headed to spring training, you are hopefully a baseball fan. There are far more opportunities for autographs and signings in these settings than at actual games during the season. You should be sure to bring anything that you want signed by your favorite players and also a means to sign that gear like a marker.

Recovery Kits: In my experience witnessing spring training in Arizona, it can turn into a bit of a party atmosphere in terms of unending food and late night drinks. You need to prepare your body for the toll hot dogs and pitchers of beer might take. You should pack plenty of antacids and stomachache medications. And if you plan on joining the party post games, you need a water bottle to keep hydrated and aspirin to dull some of the pain in the moring.

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