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Five Valentine’s Day Travel Date Ideas

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

If you are on the road for Valentine’s Day, orchestrating just the right level of romance can be a challenge. In a foreign city, you can’t plan out all of the details if you don’t know the terrain to a T. However being on the road for this heartfelt holiday should be looked at as more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Even if you are on the road this Valentine’s Day, you can still make the day special for your Valentine by utilizing these easy dates at your disposal.

Beverage Tastings: From wine tastings to bourbon sipping, you can find some sort of beverage tastings no matter where you are. Wine and beer outlets generally offer tours, lending an activity to fill up Valentine’s Day. They also present a fun way to sample the sips of your destination. If you do a bit of research, you can find these tours from microbreweries to distilleries.

Art Gallery Saunter: If you are out of ideas for an amorous Valentine’s Day date on the road, chances are you are near a museum or art gallery. While it might have bored you to tears on those school field trips, an art gallery saunter or museum walk-through can be a fine date idea when you don’t know your surroundings as well as home. You should check and see if your destination has special museum nights on the Valentine’s Day weekend that you are visiting. Pausing over artistic greatness always makes for a romantic date.

Scenic Drives: Sometimes you just have to let your scenery do all of the talking. If you have a set of wheels, locate the nearest scenic drive that you can take your date. Scenic drives are often dates in themselves. You can pack a picnic and see a new corner of the world at its most scenic. The drive and experience is the date.

Historic Hotel Stays: If you are out of ideas for your Valentine’s Day date on the road, you can look toward your accommodations to set the mood. Historic hotels often exude that romance and elegance that you wouldn’t have at the bargain chain hotel. Also many historic hotels have fine restaurants for a trip back to another era over dinner if you don’t want to stay the night.

Highest Point in Town: From sky bars to hilltops, you can always seek out the highest point in town for a romantic Valentine’s Day date. If you are in a city, chances are there is some skyscraper bar that affords drinks and views of the city. By selecting a high point for your Valentine’s Day date, you can only go up from here.

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