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Five Last Minute Gifts for Travelers

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

Like most husbands, boyfriends and small children just out of school, I am usually one of those December 23rd-December 24th shoppers. I always wait until the last moment to even start my Christmas shopping, despite telling myself each year I will get it done earlier next year.


For the traveler on your list, last minute shopping can be more difficult. Many of the travel themed holiday gift guides list products and items you can only order online. Ordering isn’t really a possibility at this point so I have come up with some gifts for the traveler on your list you should be able to find in your corner of the world.


Travel Journals: Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy putting pen to paper and collecting my thoughts as I travel. I suspect I am not alone. Travelers can’t get enough of journals and pens. Journals can be found almost anywhere, including supermarkets.


Bags: In pretty much any corner of the world, you can get a bag, something every traveler needs at some point. Small or large, bags are incredibly useful for the traveler on the go. Small cosmetic cases, sling purses or even a backpack make for a great gift for a traveler who needs something to put their prized possessions in while they traverse the globe.


Travel Sized Bath Products: Many of the bath and body stores sell all manner of lotions, hand creams, shower gels and soaps. They also tend to make cute gift sets in small little bottles, perfect for the traveler that doesn’t like to smell while they travel. These items can be little luxuries to the traveler who never splurges on bath products as they are saving for their trip.


Destination Coffee Table Books: Step into a bookstore virtually anywhere and there are bound to be colorful books with destination titles such as India, Italy and California. I don’t think travelers ever tire of flipping through these books on their coffee tables, especially if they are in need of some travel inspiration.


Scarves: A scarf always comes in handy for the traveler and yet again you can find them almost anywhere in the world. Travelers can use scarves on planes, trains and buses to act as a stylish blanket in disguise. For those that like to look good when they travel, but not pack their whole closet, a scarf can be a great item for travelers to pack. They take up very little room and make that simple black T-shirt look somewhat different after weeks of traveling in the same clothes.


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