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Five International Sandwiches

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

Although many Americans tend to claim them as our own, sandwiches are an international culinary phenomenon. It’s amazing how much diversity can exist between two pieces of bread. Here are five sandwiches all globetrotters should try at least once (and I’m willing to bet you’ll go back for more).

Croque Monsieur/Croque Madame (France)
The French answer to a ham sandwhich, a croque monsieur is made with two thin slices of artisanal bread (lightly brushed with whole-grain mustard) filled with ham, gruyere, and béchamel sauce (typically a bit of cheese is added to the top of the sandwich as well). A croque madame is a croque monsieur with a fried or poached egg on top. Délicieux!

Bánh Mì (Vietnam)
Bánh mì, the Vietnamese word for bread, has become synonymous with delicious, overstuffed sandwiches made from fresh baguettes and fillings such as pork belly, pâté, grilled chicken, fried eggs, and tofu (your choice!). The protein is accompanied by a refreshing selection of veggies and condiments like cucumber slices, cilantro, pickled carrots, spicy chili sauce, and mayonnaise.

Currywurst (Germany)
The official sandwich of Berlin, currywurst consists of a bratwurst sausage covered in ketchup and seasoned with curry powder. Sometimes you will find it served with fries and mayonnaise on top or to the side. Currywurst is sold by street vendors throughout Berlin on a plain paper tray with a wooden mini fork.

Chivito (Uruguay)
The Chivito (“little goat”), the national sandwich of Uruguay, is a hit with meat lovers. A slice of churrasco (grilled beef) is accompanied by slices of ham, bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, a fried egg, and topped with lettuce and tomato. Other toppings include caramelized onions, olives, peppers, pickles and salsa golf, a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Bocadillo (Spain)
Served in taverns throughout Spain, bocadillos are small sandwiches made from
rustic bread filled with meat, tuna, cheese, chorizo sausage or a cooked egg. When making a traditional bocadillo, the bread is moistened either by rubbing a cut tomato onto the bread or by drizzling a touch of Spanish olive oil onto it. Bocadillos can be served hot or cold.


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