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Five European Hot Holiday Drinks

This blog post was updated on August 3, 2018.

The holidays are upon us and, even if you don’t live in a particularly cold climate, you can still enjoy these five hot holiday drinks from all over Europe. Better yet, take a tour of Europe this holiday season and sip authentic hot beverages as you take in the local sights. Here are five suggestions to warm you up along the way:

France: Chocolat Chaud
Nothing says “les fêtes” (holidays) to me like a decadent chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), best enjoyed in a Parisian café when there’s a chill in the air. I always drink mine with a croissant close by for dipping. The most divine chocolat chaud I’ve ever had was at Ladurée on the rue Royale (

Germany: Glüwein
Some of my fondest memories of Germany include sipping on glüwein (red wine, brandy, a bit of sugar, spiced with cloves and raisins and served warm) and strolling around a Christmas market. It’s difficult not to find this traditional drink in the winter months in Germany. A cup of glüwein warms chilly hands and spirits.

Great Britain: Hot Toddy
Hot toddies are popular in the U.S., too, but they were originally a British creation. This holiday classic is made from brandy, whiskey or rum (take your pick— I prefer mine with brandy), honey, lemon, hot water, and tea (but of course!). Sipping one of these soothing beverages always conjures up images of Christmas lights in London.

Ireland: Hot Irish Whiskey
The Irish are the masters of whiskey, after all, to it is fitting that one of their most popular winter drinks is the hot Irish whiskey. Nothing will warm you up faster than this strong, hot cocktail. Similar to the hot toddy, a hot Irish whiskey is made from whiskey, honey (or sugar), lemon, and just a bit of hot water.

Italy: Cappuccino
Admittedly, cappuccinos are not exclusively holiday drinks, but few things are more delicious on a cold winter morning than a traditional cappuccino made with strong, freshly ground espresso beans and milk foam—a great way to start off a day of holiday reveling.


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