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Facebook Phasing Out “Places”

This blog post was updated on January 22, 2016.

Facebook’s foray into the mobile check-in business may be over. The social media giant developed “Places” to compete head-to-head with wildfire start-up Foursquare but the idea never really caught on with Facebook users.


According to some reports, months after Facebook launched the mobile feature, only 6% of users had “checked in” at least once. However, this doesn’t mark the end of Facebook’s location based sharing by a long shot. 


On the contrary, at the same time Facebook moves away from “Places,” Team Zuckerberg will begin to encourage users to share their location every time the share a photo, status update, or Wall post with friends.


Unlike “Places,” these updates will be available across all of Facebook’s platforms, not strictly mobile devices. So while Facebook may be retreating from the “check-in wars,” it remains clear that location sharing is here to stay.


Source: Huffington Post

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