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Dubai Opens World’s Highest Restaurant

A fountain outside of the Burj Khalifa (Image: Wikimedia)

Dubai has shattered yet another record by opening the world’s highest
restaurant on the 122 level of the Burj Khalifa.


The brand new luxury
Atmosphere restaurant rests about 1,450 feet above street level and
offers stunning views of Dubai’s futuristic cityscape.


The restaurant
seats 210 people and features an upscale lounge as well as private
dining areas and display cooking stations.


The restaurant emphasizes
fresh ingredients and serves a simple, healthy menu.


The Burj Khalifa
became the world’s tallest building when it opening in January of last
year and has since grown into a bustling life-style destination.


massive structure is also home to many more other “world’s highest,”
including the highest nightclub, swimming pool, and mosque.


Source: BTN

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