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Death to Smoochy: Paris Cemetery to Ban Kissing Oscar Wilde’s Tomb

This blog post was updated on October 8, 2018.

For years, female fans visiting the tomb of Oscar Wilde have donned red lipstick before kissing the writer’s headstone, a practice that must leave the hedonistic scribe smiling in his grave.


However, over the years, excessive touching and ensuing cleaning has led to the deterioration of the monument, jeopardizing its future. That’s why officials at Paris’ famed Pere Lachaise Cemetery are cracking down on the post-mortem make-outs.


Though a hefty fine is already in place for the practice, officials are now going to even greater lengths to save the stone. A glass pane will soon surround the monument protecting it from wandering lips.


Source: Huffington Post

CC Flickr photo credit: Mark Ziubinski

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