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Free Tickets for Tears: Traveling with Cry-babies Pays off on JetBlue

Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on May 5, 2020.

Flying with babies: it’s not only a stress-filled nightmare for parents, but it also attracts the wrath of grumpy travelers stuck in their seats during a long flight. However, this clever and heartwarming Mother’s Day initiative by JetBlue, called FlyBabies, encourages fellow passengers to lighten up on traveling toddlers by offering flight discounts to everyone on the plane every time a baby cries.


The more cries recorded in flight, the bigger the discount on their next trip with the airline. These lucky flyers wind up winning a free flight – all thanks to mid-flight meltdowns by these tiny travelers!

Watch as dirty looks soon turn into beaming smiles once the cabin crew announce the promotion, and how these restless tots soon become everyone’s favorite new friends.

Have you ever had a terrible and/or great experience flying with your baby? Share your travel tale with us in our comments section.

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