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Chocolate Lovers Head to Perugia, Italy

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

EuroChocolate festival (photo) occurs each year in the month of October and in the Italian region of Umbria.  The festival takes place in Perugia, the city known for its chocolate, and has been doing so since 1993.

Chocolate stalls fill the streets, and the sweet scent is said to fill the air.  Visitors can satisfy sweet cravings with items like Baci, chocolate covered bananas, and chocolate liquors – or just a superb hot chocolate – made by the likes of Lindt, Milka, and Perugina.

Chocolate is taken seriously in Umbria, and besides the annual chocolate festival, visitors are able to be a part of that culture by participating in chocolate schools and classes, the most popular being the Perugina Chocolate School.

Chocolate classes at the Perugina Chocolate School run on most Saturdays for the public to enjoy, but private lessons – to be booked according to your schedule – are offered during the week.  Classes run from two to foru hours depending on the one chosen, with instruction from a professional chocolatier, and the results will be nothing but delicious (and you get to eat them!).

Take a stroll through the Perugina Chocolate Factory and museum to explore one of the icons of Italy:  the Baci chocolate.  The museum covers the history of the Perugina chocolate company as well as the process of making the chocolate itself – a perfect way to build up an appetite for… chocolate!

Perhaps pairing chocolate with wine is more up your alley.  Wine tours of Umbria are more than likely to bring up the duo since both are so popular.

If that wasn’t enough chocolate for you, there is a hotel in the region of Umbria completely dedicated to chocolate.  The Etruscan Chocohotel has 94 rooms, a Chocostore, and a very special onsite restaurant that offers a special menu where everything includes chocolate.  This hotel is obviously located in Perugia, the “City of Chocolate.”

So, if you fancy yourself a chocolate fanatic, or connoisseur if you will, then it sounds like Perugia is definitely the destination for you.

Perhaps I’ll see you there!
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photo: perugiabella

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