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“But You Can’t Do That, Grandpa!” 6 Unusual Travel Experiences for Your Retirement

Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on May 17, 2023.

Now that you’re retired, there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can experience. Sure, the kids (and the grandkids) may think you’re nuts to try some of these adventures, but in this stage of your life, you deserve the right to carpe diem! Here are our suggestions on some exhilarating (and perhaps challenging) things you can do, set in some equally astonishing destinations. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for cheap round trip flights so you can get your adventure started ASAP!

Take a Leap of Faith…

Yes, after years of wondering what jumping out of a plane must feel like, you can finally tick this off your bucket list and feed the adrenaline junkie that’s been lying dormant through all those years behind a desk. We suggest Santa Barbara for a scenic view of the beautiful California coastline while you’re plummeting down to earth, or if you want to make things more interesting, head to Dubai, where you can take an exhilarating plunge with an unbelievable view of its towering buildings and the man-made floating Palm Island — sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Get for a Little Spin in a Flashy Car…

Always had the need for speed? Well you can exorcise your demons when you jump behind the wheel of a feisty Ferrari in Maranello, Italy! You’ll find many operators like Test Drive in Maranello who will give you significant time to put a variety of beautiful machines through their paces, either on a road or a test track. You can also admire the rich history of these legendary machines at the nearby Ferrari Museum.

Jump in with Some Cute Little Fishies…

Remember when your kids talked you into doing a fish spa, where little fish nibble off your dead skin? Now that you’re retired, why not take it up a notch? Try going down in the shark cages in Gansbaai, South Africa, home to one of the most densely populated great white shark populations in the world. But it’s not all scary toothed predators trying to nibble off more than dead skin off your toes, you’ll also be able to enjoy South Africa’s world-renowned wines after your tryst with danger.

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Roam Far and Wide…

Whatever mode of transport and living suits you, just go for it. If it’s swapping in the old pickup for an RV (with all the latest comforts) and hitting the road, or if it’s splurging a bit to get a long-term room aboard a cruise ship, embrace the essence of your inner nomad. You’ll enjoy the majestic splendor of sunrise over the Arizona desert or the serenity of the pink sands of the Bahamas, all while you wander at will.

Go for Long Walks…

If you’ve always been the active type, then stay active in your retirement. Try hiking in spectacular Anchorage, Alaska. Not only can you catch the Northern Lights, but you’ll also be able to appreciate interesting landscape and wildlife. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try the matchless Everest Basecamp Trek in Nepal? You’ll have the chance of seeing three of the highest peaks (Everest, Lhotse, and Lhotse Sar) all at once.

Try Some Exotic Food…

Did we say “exotic”? Well these could be quite interesting compared to your regular lunch-time sandwich. If you book round trip flights to visit beautiful Iceland — taking in its breathtaking fjords, glaciers, and lava fields — then you should also taste some of its more colorful authentic treats. Try the national dish Kæstur hákarl — fermented shark meat. The strong smell of ammonia that it emits might make you want to gag, but you can down it with a shot of the local Brennivin liquor. Kenya is another great adventure you can embark on.When you’re traveling the Masaai Mara safari route, don’t forget to partake of the Masaai’s ceremonial drink of choice — cow’s blood. Cheers!

Have an interesting retirement vacation experience? Tell us about it in the comments.

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