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Bike Sharing Program Coming to New York City in 2012

This blog post was updated on August 17, 2021.

Officials in New York have announced that the city will finally be home to a bike sharing program beginning in 2012. The bike share will offer New Yorkers and visitors a green alternative to public transportation.


The comprehensive program will launch in Manhattan and Brooklyn with tentative plans in place for expansion to other boroughs.


The program will be managed by Alta Bicycle Share, which already operates similar programs in Boston, Washington D.C., and Melbourne, Australia.


Annual memberships for the bike share program will run about the average cost of an unlimited monthly MetroCard (currently $104.)


The membership allows for unlimited 30-45 minute rentals with graduated fees in place for longer rentals. Visitors to New York City can also sign up for day or weekend passes.


Source: Reuters

Flickr: Roland

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