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Beach Breaks To Beat The Biting Cold

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

As Colorado is buried in yet another snowstorm, to say that I need a light box would be a bit of an understatement.


By this time of year, winter wonderlands once desired around the holidays are now unwelcome.


Snow bank after snow bank, it is time for winter to make an exit. Even good old Punxsutawney Phil would like to see an early spring.

However, groundhogs are not always right and snowstorms will continue to muster up some power for the next month or so.


In the meantime, I will be dreaming of these beaches. If you have a week off this bitter February, get in some beach time at these favorites.


If you are just not beach body ready, don’t worry. Just seeing sand and surf will save your sanity from the white winter meltdown going on back at home.


Scivu, Sardinia: On Sardinia’s southwestern coast, called Costa Verde, otherwise known as the “Green Coast”, fine golden sand presses up against sweeping red rocks and dunes. Just beyond, emerald waters crash into land. Even if it may be winter in Sardinia, Scivu is a well-kept secret this time of year. If you are lucky, you will have these sands all to your own.


Barra de Potosí, Mexico: On Mexico’s Pacific Coast, just 30 minutes from Zihuatanejo, Barra de Potosí is plainly, paradise on earth. Around the protective Laguna de Potosí, this beach town seems to have the right attitude. Relax in a hammock. Swim or kayak if you desire some activity or lounge on uncluttered sands while watching the waves crash in as boogie boarding teens try to ride with them.


Stinson Beach, California: This northern California beach town presents an easy day trip from San Francisco. The drive in winds around cliffs and hairpin turns. You will get the feeling you are in the midst of a car commercial with the dramatic Pacific seemingly just beyond the car window. When you arrive, the sweeping white sands will be screaming for a stroll. If the beach doesn’t thrill you, go explore the nearby redwoods in Muir Woods.


The Big Island Coastline, Hawaii: Drive around Hawaii’s Big Island and you are sure to find a stretch of sand to suit any swimsuit. From powdery golden sand to black lava sand beaches, Hawaii has it all due to its ying-and-yang terrain of lush greenery on one side and black lava rock on the other.


Barcelona, Spain: For the big city and the beach, Barcelona is certainly spoiled. Hop on board one of those “European Winter Getaway Fares” to Barcelona and explore the city’s Barceloneta neighborhood, where a laid-back beach atmosphere of tiny tapas bars meets giant goldfish sculptures and 6 star hotels. While the city boasts a number of beaches, pick any stretch to soak up the Mediterranean, the outfits found on the beaches and the silky sand in between your toes.


Do you have a favorite winter beach getaway?

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