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Airport Hijinx: Harmless Fun or Security Concern?

This blog post was updated on July 30, 2021.

Joe Ayala and Larry Chen recently found themselves stranded alone overnight at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.


After their late connecting flight was cancelled, the two decided to entertain themselves in the abandoned terminal, capturing their overnight hijinx on Ayala’s camera.


On a video posted to the web on Monday, the pair are seen wheelchair racing, beatboxing over the PA system, and even stealing a cold one from a closed airport bar. The video has since been removed by Ayala.


Though the friends’ actions in the video might seem harmless, some are raising serious security concerns.


Both men had cleared a TSA checkpoint and had a right to be in the terminal. The question is, how did their over-the-top shenanigans go unnoticed by airport security with dozens of security cameras in the terminal?


Source: CBS Local

Flickr: Unhindered by Talent

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