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Airlines Still Playing Catch Up After Blizzard

This blog post was updated on October 4, 2018.

Operations are slowly returning to normal at JFK Airport (Image: Wikimedia)Three days removed from a blizzard that brought the entire region to its knees, airlines operating out of New York City continue shaky efforts to play catch up.


While runways are now open at all three area hubs, it may be days before stranded passengers are able to rebook flights, according to officials.


Well over 5,000 area flights have been canceled due to the storm. Things may have been worst at JFK Airport where some passengers waited up to eight hours on tarmacs Tuesday night before being allowed to deplane.


Officials at Kennedy blamed airlines for dispatching flights before lining up gate space.


There are some signs that things may be slowly returning to normal, however. Those traveling on Wednesday are finding only minor delays and a few cancellations. That does little to ease the minds of travelers who have been stranded since Sunday. Many were told that they will not be able to rebook canceled flights until after the New Year.


Source: AP

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