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Affordable European Destinations You Should Visit This Year

Affordable Europe Trips
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on May 1, 2020.

Everybody loves the idea of a European vacation. But too many folks get put off by what they fear will be too high of a price to pay. It doesn’t have to be that way though. “The Continent” can be experienced on the cheap – but still in style – if you know where to go and how to be mindful of your expenses. And don’t forget to pack your camera, these destinations are picture perfect!

Here’s a look at three particularly fine and affordable European cities that thrifty travelers will want to visit this year.

Athens, Greece

Affordable Europe Trips

Dirt cheap and dynamic, Athens, Greece is a great place to play. This is especially true for fans of Dionysus. The nightlife here in Europe’s lowest priced capital is epic with some of Europe’s most celebrated and award-winning bars. You can admire giant-sized street art as you hop between them, engaging in vibrant and gregarious street life.

Affordable Europe Tripe

For those looking to catch some rays, the beach is but minutes away! And who could argue with adding stops at the Acropolis and the city’s many other ancient sights to your itinerary? If you want more, Athens is the gateway for all of Greece with its many islands both big and small.

Lisbon, Portugal

Affordable Europe Trips

The oldest capital in Western Europe, Lisbon predates other capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by centuries. Mix in the city’s rich history, with its warm climate, stunning river and ocean vistas, tiny atmospheric lanes, lavish palaces and religious sites, and you’ve got the making of a fantastic holiday away.

Affordable Europe Trips

And if your time in town isn’t quite enough, there’s always the option for a short day trip to the beach at Cascais or to the leafy castle-clad hills of Sintra. Perhaps what’s best about a Lisbon vacation is that visitors can enjoy all the fun at a fraction of what similar jaunts to Euro cities might cost. Portuguese capital offers exceptional value for money. Hotels are cheaper than you might expect, many low-cost airlines fly here and in general, the cost of living is less compared to other Euro cities.

Kotor, Montenegro

Affordable Europe Trips

For a few years now, Kotor, Montenegro has maintained an underdog reputation as one of Europe’s coolest and most affordable destinations. The secluded bayside town and UNESCO World Heritage Site reveals itself to travelers as a sleepy medieval maze of palaces, churches and museums, sheltered by a magnificent mountain backdrop. But by night, Kotor livens up with a buzzing bars and clubs scene.

It all comes at a low price point too. The city center is only about five miles from the airport, and a taxi between the two shouldn’t be more than $12 one way. An authentic meal for two at a high-end restaurant can cost less than $30 per person. A range of quality accommodations is similarly cheap.

Are you in the know about where to go for affordable fun in Europe? We would love it if you shared your best recs in the comments section below!


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