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5 Ways To Remove The Stress From Holiday Travel

Written by Going Places
5 Ways To Remove The Stress From Holiday Travel
With Thanksgiving just under two weeks away and Christmas and New Year’s not far behind it, travelers are gearing up to take to the skies and roads for their holiday travels. Holiday travel has become synonymous with stress. There are more crowds, more problems and more costs involved. By the time you sit down with friends and family for the actual holiday, you’ll probably be exhausted! To take the stress out of holiday travel this year, make these preparations for a more enjoyable season.
Be Sure Your Carry-On Luggage Will Fit Onboard:
With the added passengers and packed flights, more and more travelers are hoping to get their carry-on luggage in the overhead bins. This act alone can present one of the most stressful aspects to holiday travel on the airplane. Some luggage manufacturers say their bags are carry-on size but they don’t always account for wheels and a handle or if you expand the bag. Before you are clogging up the entire plane trying to wedge your bag in the bin space, but sure it is the correct size before you leave for the airport. Also if you are worried about getting your bag on the flight, you can also pay a little bit more for a seating group that is called to board before the back of the plane.
Have Hand Sanitizer Readily Available:
Cold and flu season gets into high gear over the holiday travel season, and airport crowds can give you an illness just in time to spread it to the family. Stress is known to weaken the immune system, making for an even higher risk rate. Travelers should make it a point to have hand sanitizer readily available so that you can stay on top of germs you might pick up on your travels.
Leave a Day Early and Come Home a Day Late:
Most travelers making their way to family and friends on peak travel days. You can eliminate a great deal of holiday travel stress by leaving a day earlier than the rush and coming home a day after everyone else does. Not only are these days generally more cost effective in terms of flights, but they also present fewer crowds that can exhaust and add stress to an already stressful time of year.
Consider Other Transportation Options If Flying Is Too Costly:
Part of the reason holiday travel can be so stressful is that it’s expensive. You’re fretting over paying that steep plan ticket price when you also have to buy gifts too. Consider looking at other transportation methods like car rental. While these options can take much more time, flying is often the main source of holiday travel stress. Eliminate it and you just might have a pleasant journey to Grandma’s house and some extra cash in your pocket.
Pack Light:
It sounds relatively easy: the less you have to carry, the less stressed you will be. However, travelers don’t always listen to the pack light advice. You wouldn’t think that over-packing could be stressful but when you have more luggage to maneuver or are forced to pay overweight baggage fees, you will quickly realize why packing light can be a godsend during the holiday travel season.

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