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Historically known as Amoy, Xiamen is a major city located on the southeast coast of China. The city borders Quanzhou to the north. Xiamen is popular for its mild climate, colonial architecture, and Hoklo influence. It is a scenic port city boasting a plethora of tourist spots. All round the year, Xiamen experiences a swarm of tourists enjoying gentle breezes and warm sunlight. There are several sites of picturesque natural beauty, imposing architecture and ancient relics. Xiamen exhibits, in an excellent way, a blend of modern lifestyle with historical affluence.

Places of Interest in Xiamen
Gulangyu Island:
Accessible from Xiamen by ferry ride of just 5 minutes, Gulangyu Island is located off the coast of Xiamen City. The island covers an extensive area. Besides natural beauty, the island also boasts well-preserved structures giving it the nickname of "Architecture Exhibition of Ten Thousand Nations". In addition to this, the island is also popular as the 'Island of Pianos' and 'Hometown of Music'.

South Putuo Temple:
Surrounded by the Wulao Peaks and graceful sea, South Putuo Temple is one of the must-visit places in the city. The location of the temple is close to Xiamen University. This temple was founded in the Tang Dynasty. The temple complex includes the Hall of Great Compassion, the Hall of Heavenly Kings Daxiong Hall, and a Pavilion in which Buddhist scriptures, ivory sculptures, Buddha images from Burma, and several other works of art are restored.

Earth Buildings of Yongding:
Built by the Hakka people in the fortress-like style, Earth Buildings of Yongding are also known as Tulou. These buildings were praised by UNESCO as “mythological mountain village architecture unmatched in the world”. In Yongding, there are more than 4000 earth buildings designed by the Chinese philosophy, structurally either round or square. Some of the most famous buildings here are Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Gaobei Tulou Cluster, and Hongkeng Tolou Cluster.

Mount Wuyi:
A wonderful place to visit for nature buffs, Mount Wuyi is located in proximity to Xiamen. It is an outstanding area for biodiversity conservation in southeast China. These mountains have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mesmerizing Mount Wuyi can be divided into four core parts- the Protection Area for the Remains of Ancient Han Dynasty, the Wuyishan National Scenic Area, the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, and the Nine-Bend Stream Ecological Protection Area. Rafting in the river is the best way to relish the scenic landscape of Mount Wuyi.

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