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The capital and one of the largest cities in Fujian province of China, Fuzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Min River. The city serves as the political, transportation, economy, and cultural hub of the province. Fuzhou is named after a mountain, Mt. Fu, located in the north of the city. The modern infrastructures of supporting elements for tourism in the city are complete. An interesting range of local dishes waits for tourists here. Fuzhou is both a cultural and historic city with more than two thousand years of history.

Places of Interest in Fuzhou
West Lake Park:
Perhaps the best-preserved classical garden in the city, West Lake Park is located in northwestern Fuzhou. The park is expanded in an area of 42.51 hectares and features towers, pavilions, houses, and open halls. The graceful natural beauty of the park has attracted scores of painters and writers in ancient times. West Lake Park is also named as "the bright pearl of Fuzhou gardens." Some of the excellent choices for visitors in the park are strolling along the walkways, going on a boat on the lake, taking rest in a pavilion, and enjoying the calligraphy works or paintings made by the people of ancient times.

Qishan Mountain Forest Park:
Located on the west of the city, Qishan Mountain Forest Park covers an area of 3,587 hectares featuring wild plants and animals, caves, deep ponds, bridges, lakes, ancient roads, and waterfalls. Qishan Mountain Forest Park also features granite landscapes. This place is ideal for exploration, hiking, picnics, and camping.

Pingtan Island:
Located at a distance of around 79 miles from Fuzhou, Pingtan Island is the largest island in Fujian Province. The island features a stunning coastal landscape with clean water and fine sand. The sea erosion landscapes are the most interesting features of Pingtan Island. The island boasts 6 tourist sections and 2 beach resorts making it an excellent place for vacation.

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