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Warsaw, the capital city of Poland is situated on the River Vistula. The churches, palaces and mansions of Warsaw are known for their rich color and detailed architecture. The monuments of Warsaw display architectural designs such as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque & Neoclassical. The city features plenty of galleries, museums, parks, castles, palaces, churches and several other attractions. Warsaw has attractions for tourists of all ages and budgets.

Places of Interest in Warsaw
Fryderyk Chopin Museum:
Fryderyk Chopin Museum, located in the premises of Ostrogski Palace, is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in the city of Warsaw. It is one of the most modern biographical museums in the entire Europe. The museum has a rich variety of collection related to the life of Chopin (Famous Pianist). The collection includes manuscripts, printed copies of Chopin's work, autographs, and notes, some of his personal items and more. At this museum, you will get to experience the lifestyle of Chopin, will know about women in his life, his favorite flowers and more.

Multimedia Fountain Park:
Multimedia Fountain Park attracts countless tourists from all across the world. There are two fountains in the Multimedia Fountain Park, the main fountain, which covers an area of around 2200 square meters, and a line fountain, which is 120 meters long. Children can also have fun in a nearby water playground, which has an approximate area of 140 square meters. From May to September, the place holds water-light-sound multimedia on every Friday and Saturday.

Lazienki Krolewskie Museum:
The Lazienki Krolewskie Museum is a palace-garden complex, which I houses large number of historical objects. In the 18th century, the area turned out to be one of the most beautifully planned areas in the city of Warsaw and Europe with its phenomenal architecture and greenery. The entire complex is a place for cultural, scientific and entertaining events. It’s one of the most most loved place to enjoy a stroll, and spend time with family & friends.

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