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The biggest city in southeastern Poland, Rzeszow is located on both sides of the Wislok in the heartland of the Sandomierska Valley. A walk through the center of city is more like that through a peaceful town. The city is a progressive academic, economic, and cultural center. Rzeszow has an advantage of its location on a major east-west location route linking Lwow, Krakow, and Przemysl with the Black Sea. There is a plethora of tourist attractions in the city making it an excellent place for opting as a vacation destination.

Places of Interest in Rzeszow
Underground Tourist Route
The prime attraction of Rzeszow, Underground Tourist Route is a 369 meters long route that connects 25 old cellars. It took 17 years in the completion of this route. These cellars date back to the 15th to the 20th centuries and are on distinct levels. Visitors can a guided tour that lasts about 45 minutes.

Rzeszow Regional Museum
Located in a one-time Piarist monastery, Rzeszow Regional Museum boasts Polish paintings dating back to the 18th to the 20th centuries and European art from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The museum is complete with frescoed vaulting from the 17th century.

Bernardine Church
Boasting fine furnishings and decoration, Bernardine Church is located on the northwest of the Rynek. The church was built for Ligeza as his mausoleum. There are eight life-sized alabaster effigies of Ligeza's family in the side walls of the chancel. There is an early 16th century statue of the Virgin Mary to which a number of miracles have been attributed.

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