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Located at the merging point of the Vilnia and Neris Rivers, Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. The charm of the city attracts tourists like moths to flame. The region is home to several World Heritage sites, churches, galleries, and museums including Cathedral Basilica, Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles, St. Anne's Church, Orthodox Monastery and Church of the Holy Spirit, Church Heritage Museum, Contemporary Art Center, National Gallery of Art, and more.

Places of Interest in Vilnius
Cathedral Basilica
The Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav was renamed as Cathedral Basilica by Pope Pius XI in the year 1922. It is the most important place of worship for the Catholics residing in the country and for national festivals. The building has approximately 40 pieces of artwork swhich include frescoes and paintings of different sizes. Several famous people from Polish and Lithuania are buried beneath the building.

National Art Gallery
The National Gallery of Art houses modern and contemporary artifacts. The main aim of the gallery is to collect and research on the 20th-21st century art of the country. The building has a Grand Exhibition Hall where international exhibitions are held. It houses a large variety of artifacts (nearly 46,000 art-pieces). This includes paintings, sculptures, graphics arts, photography, and more.

Television Tower
With the height of around 326.5 meters, the Television Tower is the highest building in Lithuania. It is the most notable building in the city of Vilnius. The tower is home to a small museum which is dedicated to the Country's Battle of Independence in 1991. Television Tower also has a rotating platform which revolves in every 45 minutes.

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