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Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. It is situated near the largest water body in the country (Kaunas Reservoir) and at the convergence of the two largest rivers in Luthania (River Nemunas and River Neris). Enjoy the famous Kaunas Jazz Festival, Operetta, Songs Festivals, International Modern Dance Festival and more. If you are interested in learning and exploring the ancient architecture then visiting the Old Town will be most appropriate. Opt for a guided tour offered by Stumbras museum to learn about the drinks of the region. Do not miss to taste dark rye bread, the centerpiece of Lithuanian cuisine.

Places of Interest in Kaunas
Kaunas Town Hall
The Kaunas Town Hall is also known as the "White Swan". The interior and the exterior of this several hundred years old monument has been renovated several times. The monument today showcases three types of architecture - Gothic, Baroque, and early Classicism. At various times the structure served different purpose. It served as a trade accommodation on ground floor, the management accommodation on Ist floor, and a prison for people who violated the law and waited for verdict in basement. The building later became house for an Orthodox Church, an artillery ammunition storeroom, a theater and other institutions. Several important events and celebrations are held in the Town Hall Square such as The Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, Kaunas Hansa Days and more.

Atomic Bunker
Atomic Bunker is a museum which is housed in a bunker, nearly 6 meters beneath the ground. It is house to more than 1200 unusual functioning exhibits. The collection includes large variety of gas mask for adults, masks for children and horses, radiation meters, civil protection devices, air horns, mobile chemical laboratories, diving equipments, electric generators, and more. With these items the museum aims in preserving the history of the country and the legacy of ancestors.

VDU Botanical Garden
The VDU Botanical Garden is an oasis of parks, small bridges, and beautiful senic nature in itself. The herbs and decorative plants in the garden provide memorable view to visitors. The Botanical Garden is situated in Manor of Aukstoji Freda and can be easily accessed via public transport.

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