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Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the England and has an enviable reputation of having three trees per person. A visitor is also supposed to know that the city has been known as prominent industrial and cultural touchdown point of England for centuries, and that its reputation in making steel products during thirteenth and twentieth century was unsurpassable.

Places of Interest in Sheffield
Sheffield Cathedral
Though the site of this historical cathedral has been in service since ninth century as Sheffield Cross, the much revered Sheffield Cathedral was only constructed in three hundred years later. It has been constructed and demolished in alternate fashions and thus depicts a subtle difference in styles and decorations as one move from one point to another in it. Much of it is lost, save for choir, tower and nave but a visitor would still be wowed by the sedilla of black oak in St. Catherine's Chapel and the colorful stained glass windows in the Chapterhouse.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet ranks as the second most preferred attraction in the city as it is a remarkable piece of history. Abbeydale was a prominent Victorian village about three hundred years ago and was known for the production of agricultural tools.

Town Hall
Majestic, stupendous, imposing and historic, this nineteenth century Neo-Renaissance masterpiece took seven years to complete. It is a prominent face of the city and is known for its publically displayed collection of silverware. Its outer appearance is topped by a statue of Lord Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metallurgy who is seen brandishing an arrow to the skies. This is quite symbolic to the reputation of a city that has long been known for its metallurgical works. Here’s fun fact - the inauguration of Town Hall was nothing less than dramatic. Queen Victoria had used a remote control lock from her carriage to signal three concealed men in the building to open the gates for her and her subjects.

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