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Seoul is a meticulous combination of some of the most sterling natural attributes that a visitor looks for in a city and seldom finds. It has mountains, rivers, archipelagos, rice paddies and that exuberant taste of life that kisses the essence of all heavenly bliss. Incheon is an educational, industrial and commercial hub of the nation, and here’s the deal - it is essentially an English speaking city. It is known for Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall and Freedom Park, two monuments that commemorate Second World War’s activity.

Places of Interest in Seoul Incheon
Gyeongbok-gung (in Seoul)
The word ‘Seoul’ probably got your eye. It is the national capital and one should come to expect a regal character from it. Gyeongbok-gung is the ancient seat of Korea's royalty and is the grandest palace of Joseon dynasty. Most of its was razed to ground in 1592 and 1910 AD by the Imperial Japanese forces but was later constructed to amount to a peerless beauty and to include two museums that are open six days a week, except for Tuesdays. Other places worth a mention are Changdeok-gung and Deoksu-gung.

Bupyeong (in Incheon)
South Korea has a profound (spicy) food culture and Bupyeong is where you would find ample of restaurants, which will get your taste buds on a riot. While here, try - Kimchi Soup. The place is also a shopper’s delight and there are literally hundreds of small shops in underground malls that sell articles across a wide array of preferences.

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