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A city in South Korea, Daegu is located around 80 kilometers from the seacoast near the Geumho River. The city lies in the Daegu Basin. It is one of the largest cities in South Korea and is coupled with affluent and ancient culture. The city is also rich in terms of scenic attractions and imposing mountains surrounding the basin. Daegu boasts a lot of historical sites dating back to the Silla periods, several beautiful and well maintained parks, and various interesting museums as well.

Places of Interest in Daegu
Bullo Dong Tumuli Park
Spread in an area of around 330,000 square meters, Bullo Dong Tumuli Park features grassy hillocks across the valley. The park was also a mass burial site. The hillocks in the park are known as tumuli or burial mounds. These hillocks date back to the second and sixth centuries.

Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum
An exhibition house for brassware history, Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum boasts a number of unique characteristics. The museum features three exhibit halls- a video education hall, a data research hall, and a culture experience hall. In the museum, there is also a display area featuring details on Korean brassware history.

Daegu Duryu Park
Home to the tallest observatory tower in Korea, Daegu Duryu Park is popular for cultural and leisure attractions. During the summers, the Osaek Fountain becomes an attraction for visitors. Other attractions include the dense foliage, lush green scenery, and facilities such as a skating rink, a judo center, tennis, swimming pool, Cathedral Pond, Daeseongsa Temple, and the Geumyongsa.

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