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The Romanian city of Satu Mare offers an intriguing confluence of three prominent races (and their respective cultures) - Hungarians, Germans, and Romans. They were prominent military powers and have been long known for their strategic might and par excellence architecture. The same confluence of ethnicities, cultures, and attributes is visible in the culture of Satu Mare and it yields a profound experience to the visitors.

Places of Interest in Satu Mare
Satu Mare Chain Church
This churh is surrounded by pillars connected by forged chains, hence the name - Satu Mare Chain Church. It is is one of the oldest churches in the city, and it took years to complete it. This eighteenth century church is located on Pacii Square and has a valuable collection of plates, disks and glasses dating back to 1657 AD. It also has a historic bell that dates back to 1633 AD.

Administrative Palace
As a masterpiece of Brutalist style of architecture, the Administrative Palace in Satu Mare ranks among top five buildings in Romania. This 97 meters high royal palace overlooks the city all the way to its geographical boundaries with Hungary. It has a central tower that is flanked by three smaller towers. It is said that the smaller towers represent three ethnicities of the city (Romanians, Germans, and Hungarians) and the main tower represents the national fervor that binds them all together.

SS Michael and Gabriel Cathedral
The SS Michael and Gabriel Cathedral is a Greek-Catholic church in Satu Mare is a prominent attraction of Satu Mare. It was built in 1937 AD in place of a fallen nineteenth century church. Two notable features of this church are that the cathedral is divided into three parts that are neatly flanked by double columns and that its narthex is known for its beautiful balcony. The interiors have beautiful murals and are contrasted by a timeless collection of religious and historical objects related to Orthodox churches in Transylvania. The cathedral also has 500 old Romanian language books and 40 Romanian Orthodox icons on wood or glass.

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