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Life has come a long way since Sindbad and Aladdin and Arabian Nights left the show. The Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh is now a city that looks straight out of a Hollywood flick and is quite different from other cities that perform the dual duties of being a business hotspot and tourist attraction. The city is preferred by those devout Muslims looking to explore something post their religious obeisance in Mecca and Medina but Riyadh has its own charm for other visitors too.

Places of Interest in Riyadh
National Museum of Saudi Arabia
Museums are the best possible way to know the identity of a city, and the same is true for a city like Riyadh that is located in the religiously sacred land of Saudi Arabia. National Museum of Saudi Arabia has a stunning display of this Islamic country’s journey through the years vis-à-vis its academic, historical and economical development. This iconic museum has eight different exhibition halls that depict religious themes like Pre-Islamic era, Prophet Mohammad's Mission, Islam and the Arab Peninsula, The Hajj and Two Holy Mosques etc.

Masmak Fortress
Masmak Fortress could be best described as a static time machine in Saudi Arabia. It is a nineteenth century fortress that has seen the overthrowing of ruling monarchy by a young prince Abdulaziz al Saud and this daredevil deed has earned a mythical status. The fortress is hallmarked by a ubiquitous trademark design of a Middle Eastern fortress as a clay and mud-brick fort with four watchtowers and thick walls over stone blocks. It is now a museum and you can come to visit it for admiring the centennial charm of this historical city, just as you’ll admire an old Arabian story or painting.

Burj Rafal
It would be a mistake of the gravest order to write about Riyadh and not mention its skyscrapers. Burj Rafal is the tallest skyscraper in Riyadh and it tops out at 1010 feet. Its construction had started in May 2011 and it was opened to common public after two years. The Saudi Arabian skyscraper is home to one of the tallest hotels in the world and it looks just about stunning at night.

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