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Find Rental Cars in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Book a cheap rental car and enjoy the freedom to roam while you’re visiting Riyadh (RUH)! Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic mountains, romantic beaches or popular roadside attractions in a comfortable rented car. Take the road less traveled, and discover more about the surroundings near Riyadh!

Jeddah is an excellent day trip destination from Riyadh. With plenty to do and see in the city, tourists are always on their toes while visiting this place. Visit the traditional coral houses of Souq al-Alawi in al-Balad and also explore the old town of al-Balad. Jeddah is located around 450 miles away from Riyadh.

Bahrain is located 297 miles away from Riyadh and is a great daytrip destination. Visit the colossal Bahrain Fort. You can also head to the Tree of Life, a major attraction for visitors.

Dubai is a lavish city located around 550 miles away from Riyadh. Explore this urban jungle and see every modern amenity. Visit the Wind Tower in the Bastakiya district. You can also explore the Dubai Museum and see the gigantic ship atop the museum.