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One of island of Senyavin archipelago in Macronesia, Pohnpei belongs to Pohnpei state, which is one of the four states in the Federal States of Micronesia. The island is well known for its wealth of biodiversity. Pohnpei is also one of the wettest places around the globe with an abundance of annual rainfall in certain mountainous locations. The major tourist attractions in the city include ridges, rocks, old ruins, and historical monuments.

Places of Interest in Pohnpei
Sokehs Ridge
A display of natural beauty, Sokehs Ridge offers hiking trails that lead to the top for a picturesque and panoramic vista over the island. There are a handful of Second World War Era's Japanese guns poistioned around half way to the top. Tourists have to have moderate fitness to hike the ridge.

Sokehs Rock
A massive rock outcropping, Sokehs Rock is visible from a landing plane on a clear day. Tourists can traverse through a climbing trail that takes to the top of the rock. Moderate to advanced fitness level is required to climb to the top of the rock.

Nan Madol
The remnant of a thousand year old royal city, Nan Madol is one of the must-see attractions in Pohnpei. These ruins are located on an artificial island. Nan Madol has been called as 'the Venice of the Pacific'.

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