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Lagos is the biggest city in Africa. The city has a few beaches that spring to life during the local musical and cultural festivals like Eko International Festival and Lagos Seafood Festival. A special mention here needs to be made for 2009 Eyo Carnival. Held in April 2009, it was a yearly festival that had originated from a nearby state and was a total game changer in the sense that it helped the city to find its way to fame. You won’t feel entirely at sea if you’re a food enthusiast. Lagos is known for its musical preferences and a vibrant nightlife. You would find a number of music genres like Nigerian Hip Hop, Highlife and Afrobeat. Lagos is also the centre of Nigerian movie industry and you might be lucky enough to watch the shooting of a few movies here. Now is the topic of local cuisines. Culinary arts here are centered around spices and soups, and seem influenced with Eurasian flavors. You would also like to try Suya (it is spicy kebab of roasted beef) and Eba (it is made from cassava and is eaten with vegetable soups).

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