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Cheap Kasos Island Vacation Packages

Kasos is a Greek island. It lies in the southernmost region of the Aegean Sea. The island is of historical importance. It played a significant role during Greek Revolution and was the first island which was declared free. One must visit Emborios (an old port) to explore and admire old stone houses and the church of Our Lady. In its villages, learn about the ancient tradition of animal herding by visiting “Mitata” (Shepherds’ huts).

Places of Interest in Kasos Island
Six Churches of Kasos
The Six Churches of Kasos is in the Panagia village. They’re one of the most beautiful churches in the Kasos. It is said that the churches were constructed for six fairies that were once present in the area. The surroundings of the churches are mesmerizing. One must not miss to enjoy the beautiful view of the area during sunset!

Archaeological Collection of Kasos
Located in the Fri village is the Archaeological Collection of Kasos. The museum has a rich and large collection of archaeological artifacts such as inscriptions, coins, pottery, and more. Amongst the entire collection, the most important display item is Hellenistic disk inscribed stones from the acropolis of Poli.

The Capital of Kasos
Located on the northern side of the island is Fri, the capital and harbor of Kasos. In Greek Fri means eyebrow. The village got its name from its eyebrow shape. The village has traditional stone houses with narrow alleys. The harbor of Bouka is charming and attracts visitors as it is an example of an old pirate base.

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